The last story in the Den of Sin Winterball Masquerade season has launched in the Let it Snow boxed set! LiS contains Three Strikes and five other HOT winter-themed stories that'll put a flush to your cheeks and a smile on your face.

Buy it for a steal at $3.99, but if you want to get Three Strikes as a stand-alone title to complete your Den of Sin Season 3 collection, it is now available for purchase on its own.

Look for its distinctive black-and-red cover at major ebook vendors.

The best gifts don't come with bows.

Meet Joe Koch and Derrin Copeland in the newest Storafalt story and enjoy a Wyoming Christmas. Gift from Carolina is now available for purchase.

The Shrew & Company Bundle

These women won't run from a fight...or true love.

Meet the ladies of the Shrew & Company private investigation agency in these first three installments from the sexy, action-packed paranormal romance series.

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