The second installment in the paranormal
Afotama Legacy series. In The Chieftain's Daughter--the scorching follow-up to The Viking Queen's Men--learn how Tess, Harvey, Ollie, and the rest of their clan of modern Vikings adapt to power returning to their people. Not only do they have to make room for magic, but accept that love may come with a price.

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The Emerald Springs Legacy continuity is now available as a limited-time full-series bundle. If you like small town romance series, you'll love this sexy, modern continuity that includes Colleen's Choice as well as books by Monica Tillery, Elley Arden, Nicole Flockton, and Robyn Neeley.

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A Fresh Storafalt Look

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Following Fabian (Shrew & Company #4)

He's seeking revenge on a deadline, and she's holding his ticking clock.

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