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Quick update! The Viking’s Witch is FREE at Amazon through 10/18. ·Amazon US ·Amazon CA ·Amazon UK ·Amazon AU TVW is a short novel that first released in the Vikings Wild anthology back in 2016, so some of you might have missed it. It features […]

These backlist titles will be temporarily unavailable.

These backlist titles will be temporarily unavailable.

Heads up! The following books have reached the end of their contracts and will be pulled from sale in the very near future. They will be re-released, though likely not until early 2019. Read on for details. My Nora Stand-alone contemporary romance This category-length novel […]

Release Updates!

Release Updates!

I’ve been careful not to announce firm release dates for certain frontlist books, but now that these are almost through the production process, I’m confident about where they’ll land. The next Afótama book, A Legacy Divided… Will OFFICIALLY launch on October 19th, as announced. That […]

Thinking about attending Book Lover’s Con?

Thinking about attending Book Lover’s Con?

(I’ll be there! New Orleans is a gorgeous city that I’m long overdue to revisit.) If you aren’t subscribed to their mailing list, you may have missed this opportunity: Readers and industry professionals who register for BLC19 by 12pm CDT on Friday, September 14 will […]

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THE COYOTE’S BRIDE (Masters of Maria) is available now!

Don’t miss the exciting new installment of Masters of Maria featuring coyote shifter Lance Aitkenson and his reluctant bride Lily Baxter!

The Coyote's Bride paranormal romance cover
Not only does this story bring together two different Maria factions—the Coyotes and the Cougars—but I introduce you to a new group of antagonists you’ll see again in the future. You’ll get a bit of a La Bella Dama fix in this story, too, so if you were wondering when Lola was going to become really important—now’s the time.

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This story has a special epilogue. Read it when you’re done!