A little NaNoWriMo check-in

God, I feel awful. I’ve got a chronic untreatable condition that makes life suck for me pretty often, so right now I have enough painkillers in my system to make my face numb (*adds in a whisper: “and they’re not working!*).

I’ve spent most of today face-down on my bed while my 2-year-old used my backside as a pommel horse.

Good times, good times.

Anyhow, that’s why it’s always been a good idea for me to exceed my daily word count goals. Something always creeps into my week and goes “BOO!”

I’m at least a couple of days ahead of schedule on both projects, but I hate the feeling of losing ground. I’m going to try to wake myself up enough tonight to do the bare minimum.

My cowboy story (the one with the 85,000-word goal) is at 22,650 words. The hero and heroine are about to have their first round of SexyTime (which will be hard to write with me feeling like a puddle of dreck).

My Irish story sequel is at 19,125 words. The spitfire heroine is ready to cut someone. I hope to get that one over the 20k hump tonight (assuming I don’t fall asleep on my keyboard).

So, how’s it going for you? Still hanging in there?