NaNoWriMo Day 1, Check-in

I won’t be checking in every day, but since today is the official start of National Novel Writing Month, I figured I’d give my first day totals.

Now, I’m working on two projects simultaneously. The official one is the Saint and Scholar spin-off. I ended today with 3,050 words on that title (and that’s the project whose tally is reflect in my NaNoWriMo profile).

I’m also working on a stand-alone single title project I talked about a few days ago. I added 2,076 words to that project today.

That’s a grand total of 6,126 words for the two projects. Now, I don’t believe that pace will be sustainable. I’ll probably hover around 3,000 words/day which will get me through the first draft of Calculated Exposure and get me about halfway through the cowboy novel by 11/30. If I end up finishing C.E. mid-month (which is what happened with Polished Slick during Camp NaNo), I’ll increase the pacing on the other. I’d like to have a month or so to sit on both of these stories before I start revising, so the sooner the bones are in place, the better it’ll be for my schedule.

Anyway, I’m feeling good about where both stories are headed. The characters are showing me their personalities and pushing the plots along. My wrists are complaining, but my creative well is all filled up.

How are you making out?