This Tuesday’s Tune (11/20)

If there was a machine that wrote Southern-themed smut, its name would be Holley. NaNoWriMo has me ca-RANKIN’. Because I’m feeling pretty wild and ferocious right now, Gloriana’s “Wild at Heart” is in my ears right now.

That song also reminds me of a couple of characters I’m torturing right now.

As of right now (8:51 p.m. MST), my official NaNo piece has 48,517 words. I expect to get over the 50k mark tonight after the coughing toddler is in bed. I actually finished the story a couple of days ago, but obviously it was short. My first drafts usually fall short of my expected word count goal, and honestly I’m surprised I made it as far as I did (45,584 words).

I added about 3,000 words to chapters one and two. Now I’m on chapter three and praying to whom/whatever that this short novel doesn’t turn into a tome. The 3k I added were necessary foreshadowing and back-story I needed to add in order to make the character arcs make sense. I hope I’m not going to dump that many words into every other chapter. That would be…well, unmanageable.

My side-piece (the cowboy thing) is currently at 43,836 words. My goal date on hitting 85k with that one is 12/26, so right now I’m about 10,000 words ahead of schedule. I’ll take it. I’ll be working that one in tandem with the follow-up to Love by Premonition which will also be a single title-length work (I’ve got an 8,500-word head-start on that one).

I’ve got one more project planned for January, then after that I plan to start work on a three-story fantasy romance series I plan to submit [somewhere] as a completed package. It’ll feel weird not actively submitting projects for such a long while, but I suppose that’s a good problem to have.

See ya on Friday with something new from Marci Boudreaux!