This Tuesday’s Tune

AAR’s Fast & Slow has been inspiring my muse a lot lately. There’s just something about that lyric: “You and I could really be something.”

That’s the hero of my contemporary western to a tee. He’s ready, but is she?

Damn, that song is just straight-up sexy. Anyway, since I’m here I’ll do a little NaNoWriMo check-in.

Day 13 as of 8:50 PM MST, Calculated Exposure: 30,686 words. Going to try to crank some more words out tonight after tot goes nightie-night. I was ready to have this sucker finished and ready to put in the cooler by this weekend (the loud males of my household went east for the week), but unless I cut productivity on project 2, I don’t foresee that happening. Still, NaNo projects I’ll finish at least 10 days early which’ll give me a tiny respite before starting another work in December.

Day 17 of the western: 33,043 words. I love where that story is going and I think I just thought out a knot I was anticipating in the plot. I’m about 10k words ahead on that one, too, and I’ll probably need that padding come Thanksgiving where I won’t be writing much unless I give up sleep. And pie.

Back to the grind.