Moving sucks eggs.

moving boxYou know, the last time we moved, it was with the aid of the relocation company that hauled our asses from North Carolina to Colorado. They packed up our house in NC, put most of our junk in storage until we found a long-term rental in CO, and once we’d found a rental house, they delivered our junk from storage. They did all the heavy lifting.

Now, we’re buying a house in Colorado (did I not talk about that? Well, we’re buying a house because we’re going to be here a few more years, and paying someone else’s mortgage [via rent] isn’t our idea of a good time). We’re moving across town–not even ten minutes from here counting stop lights–so we’re not going to pack up everything in the rental house all neatly and tidily.

No. We’re going to toss clothes and linens into big trash bags and reuse the same few boxes again and again for the other stuff. We’re going to dump things into open storage totes and cram them into the back of the Outback.

We close on the 23rd, and our lease ends the 31st. That gives us two full weekends to move and get the rental house “broom clean.” We’ll probably rent a small U-Haul to schlep things. But…we’ll need help with heavy items like our king mattresses and heavy furniture (my husband has a metal desk that weighs as much as my first car). I need to look into hiring a crew of in-town movers because I’m well past the age where being the short person helping move a three-seater sofa is something my body will easily bounce back from.

Oh, and the kids. Someone needs to supervise them while all this chaos ensues. I’m thinking about flying my niece out for four days so she can corral them while the major upheaval happens.

I just hope the settling-in process takes days instead of weeks. I’m on a deadline (that seems tighter by the day) and have a novella release on 6/6. Doing promo via smartphone 4G doesn’t sound like my idea of a good time.

Ugh. I’d better figure out where my new go-to liquor store is.