I don’t even know what this is.

I hate working on second drafts. Even when I manage to write books that nail the story arc on the first try (rare), there still manages to be a lot of…WTFery to clean up.

What does this even mean? What the hell are they doing? (These are NOT acrobats, I assure you.)


Forehead-furrowing passages like this are a consequence of being a fast typist, I guess. Sometimes my fingers get ahead of my brain. And because I’m a fast-drafter, I don’t tinker with anything while getting the plot down. I don’t massage each sentence and paragraph in that first draft. I write at an aggressive pace to get the story “bones” down and don’t look back until it’s time to put some flesh on them. I write that way because the longer I work on a story, the higher the likelihood I’ll introduce plot holes. I’m a pantser who writes books with lots of external conflict. I’ve got to get the story down fast or I’ll lose the pulse and forget who did what and why.

If you think that one was bad, you should see the first drafts of some of my sex scenes. People always seem to have more hands than they were born with.