KNIGHT IN LEATHER is available now!

I should have subtitled this one “Leather, Lust, and Lewdness,” but I behave myself as often as I can.
Knight in Leather by Holley Trent cover
Knight in Leather is the second novel in the Hearth Motel series and stars Ethan and Dasha. Lots of fairy shenanigans happening, and lots of new characters for you to meet!

I also brought back a couple of characters from Unwrapping Mr. Roth (which should be available again very, VERY soon) for reasons that’ll be evident by the 1/4 point.


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The Hearth Motel series will go to limited vendor availability soon as the first in series, Prince in Leather is in a box set that will be enrolled in the KU program within the next couple of weeks.

That means if you purchase e-books at any vendor besides Amazon, you need to grab Prince and Knight soon or else wait until Fall for another chance to read them.