You see that little tab in the menu that says “Upcoming Titles”? That’s how you can keep track of the “sure bets”—the new stories that are already on the calendar and that will get published come hell or high water.

Right now, it’s looking a bit lighter than usual. After Monday when Seer comes out, it’ll be empty unless I add some stuff to it.

I usually have a lot of stuff queued up and ready to launch. Right now, I don’t. I had a huge clump of releases in Q1 and Q2. If you’ve been following closely, you noticed that I added books to Shrew & Company, Hearth Motel, The Afótama Legacy, Norseton Wolves, AND Desert Guards, as well as three stories to my Reedsville Roosters contemporary romance series. (Yes, I write a lot. I think I explained why once? I’ll dig up that old post if it exists later.)

Anyway, now I’m just…

Well, I don’t want to say I’m twiddling my thumbs. I’m always working on stuff, but sometimes it takes a while to make the calendar reflect that.

I can tell you what’s probable or likely, though.

1 – I’ve got an Afótama novella waiting to go for the third Viking box set. If you read Viking’s Pride and Viking Fire, you’ll recognize the hero and heroine. It’s Chris and Marty. That’ll be out Novemberish, I think. I hope to have the next novel ready to go in Q1 2017. That’ll be Keith’s book.

2 – I’m going to write a novella with characters from Hearth Motel for a collaborative thing. News on that later, but if I can pull it off, it’ll be out in November. (I won’t say which characters, but I WILL say they won’t be major players. Those folks all get novels.)

3 – I’m in the process of writing Tito’s book. Tito is the Were-cougar demigod who first appeared in The Cougar’s Trade. He’s kinda important. The story will tie off some loose threads I left in The Cougar’s Wish, but it won’t be a Desert Guards book. It’ll launch something else I haven’t named yet, but that something else will have lots of Tarik, Tamatsu, Gulielmus, and a few other angel assholes.

I don’t know when that book will see the light of day, but certainly not until after the second book is nearly done. Like with Desert Guards, I’d want that series to roll out without big delays between each story.

I’ll keep you updated.

4 – Shrew & Company 7 is in progress. I’m working on that during my “free” time (lol) for now, but I hope to have it out by the end of the year. That’s Soren & Marcella’s story. Their story will mark a bit of a shift in the series. Now that the first arc has mostly concluded, the books will be a little longer so you can see Shrews working cases from start to finish. Marcella’s focus will be chasing down Wes from CarrHealth.

5 – The sci-fi romances I’m writing under the H.E. Trent name will start rolling out in August. I’m awaiting a cover on the first (which is why I’m not promoting it yet), and I just finished the second book. When those are available everywhere for preorder, I’ll let you know.

6 – I’ve got a Den of Sin holiday story coming this fall. That’s all I know. I haven’t decided yet whether it’ll be MF, MMF, or something else, but I’ve got some ideas in mind.

Again: I’ll let you know.

Eh. I think that’s all. I’ve got some contemporary stuff brewing, but I can’t talk about that series until I know who’s gonna publish it, whether that be me or a house.