Here’s a list of every one of my books available in Kindle Unlimited (as of 8/27/16)

(Please double-check availability before borrowing!)

Contemporary Romance:

My Nora (stand-alone)
Sold as Is (stand-alone)
Colleen’s Choice (part of the Emerald Springs Legacy continuity, also available in series bundle)

Storafalt Stories

Gift from Carolina
Back to Storafalt

Reedsville Roosters

Reedsville Roosters Den of Sin Holley TrentWinterball
One in Waiting
Lucky Break
Designated Hitter
Out of Bounds

Den of Sin

Den of Sin series logoMénage à Troys
O for Two
As Sweet
Three Strikes
Shame and a Disgrace
Off the Hook
M Collection

Paranormal Romance:

Sons of Guliemus Series

ADemoninLoveSOGcoverA Demon in Waiting
Melt My Heart (contains the novella “A Demoness Matched”)
A Demon in Love
A Demon Bewitched
An Angel Fallen

Desert Guards

The Cougar’s Pawn
The Cougar’s Trade

Hearth Motel

fairy romancePrince in Leather
Unwrapping Mr. Roth
Knight in Leather

The Afótama Legacy

Afotama Legacy logo erotic paranormal romance seriesThe Viking Queen’s Men
The Chieftain’s Daughter
Queen & Chieftains (contains both The Viking Queen’s Men and The Chieftain’s Daughter)
Viking’s Pride
Viking Flame

Norseton Wolves

The Norseton Wolves Mate Call Collection (contains stories 1-4)

Shrew & Company

Shrew and Company logoPursuing Patrick
Framing Felipe
Bryan’s Betrayal
Shrew & Company Books 1-3 (bundle)
Following Fabian
Eric’s Edge
Promising Peter

Again, please double-check before adding to your Kindle because availability is subject to change at any time.

Note: Not all books listed here are exclusive to Amazon. The titles issued through Crimson Romance are available in the program through special agreement.