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The newest Afótama Legacy story, The Viking’s Witch is out now!

Can you believe I’ve been holding on to this little novel almost all year? I started it immediately after I finished Viking Flame, but I held it back for the newest Viking anthology. The story can be read as a stand-alone BUT it’s most definitely part of the series continuity. The Viking’s Witch takes place just a couple of months after Viking Flame.

Here’s the skinny:

The Viking's Witch bwwm paranormal romance

Although her sister has pulled up stakes and moved her family to the psychic community of Norseton, Marty Petersen doesn’t believe she’ll fit in with them. She belongs in familiar Florida, and not in the desert amidst a clan of thoroughly modern Vikings.

Afótama clansman Chris Holst doesn’t agree. He’s been dreaming of Marty for nearly a year and knows she’s meant to be his. He doesn’t want her to leave Norseton before he’s had his chance to bond with her in the way of their kind, but he understands why she’d be afraid. Her father is the clan’s most notorious fraud, and the blowback from his imminent expulsion could upset the single mom’s already shaky situation. He’s willing to stand at her side and hold her hand until the turmoil subsides, but she has to let him into her life first.

If Marty can’t break free from the depressive grip of the lies that have suppressed her for so many years, she won’t be able to take what’s hers. She could wield the magic of the Afótama, and more importantly, she could claim the worthy man who is rightfully hers.

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