I’m so excited to announce the release of the first book in a new series set in the town of Maria, New Mexico!
The Demigods Legacy multicultural romance

If you followed my Desert Guards series, you’ll certainly remember Tito—one of the were-cougar glaring’s lieutenants, and the goddess La Bella Dama‘s only son. This is his and the cheerful barmaid December Farmer’s story! And I gotta say, I like it a lot.

For months after the fourth Desert Guards book, The Cougar’s Wish, came out, I wondered how I would pivot the storyline. All along, my goal with the Desert Guards series was to put some space in the timeline between what happened in the Sons of Gulielmus story A Demon Bewitched and the story of Gulielmus himself. A lot of things needed to happen before I could center a book on him. I also knew I wanted to do something with Tito. What I couldn’t decide was if I’d give him a Desert Guards story to continue that story thread and resolve some of the family drama hinted at in earlier books, or if I’d make a new spinoff that encompassed him and all the other powerful supernaturals in Maria.

I loved the latter idea, and the idea of letting the unique mythology of each of the characters’ diverse backgrounds shine through. Each book in Masters of Maria is a stand-alone with no continuing background plot, but they’ll all connect through friendships and favors. You’ll see demigods like Tito, some of those wild Coyotes from Desert Guards, some elves (you’ll see.), and of course, those angels.

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(Paperback format coming soon.)