Saint and Scholar, Calculated Exposure, and Seeing Red are temporarily unavailable.

Three of my Hearts Minds series contemporary romances have aged out of their publishing contracts, and so now they’re back in my clutches! They’re already down from Amazon, and will be unavailable elsewhere in the coming days and weeks.
Hearts and Minds covers
The good news: I’ll be re-releasing them on my own.

The bad news: this is going to take a little while.

I wrote Saint and Scholar in 2011/12, and my writing style has changed quite a bit since then. My voice is more or less the same, but my filter has become less aggressive. Honestly, I was writing for a different audience back then, and I was really afraid to offend them.

But…I think folks have started figuring me out now.

My plan is to match the word counts across the novels so the lengths aren’t so wildly disparate, and also even out the heat levels. You might have noticed that Saint and Scholar is much sweeter than the subsequent books. That wasn’t by design. That was simply my style progression on display.

As of right now, my plan is to have these back out in July and August. They’ll start going up for preorder at the end of April under the same names, but with different covers.

The fourth book in the series, On the Ropes, will remain available through Kensington for the foreseeable future. Don’t worry—all the stories, no matter who publishes them, will still link to each other in the same way.