KNIGHT IN LEATHER is now available in audiobook format!

Knight in Leather bwwm audiobook
Y’all, I laughed so much during the production of the Knight in Leather audiobook. I’m not sure if the book was just funnier than I remembered, or if Pyper Down’s performance just lent a certain something-something to the story.

I love Ethan and Dasha. (I mean, obviously. I created them.) But it was hearing Colin and Laurel given voices that made me convulse with giggles.

Especially Laurel.

You’ll recognize Pyper Down’s voice from the Prince in Leather and Unwrapping Mr. Roth audiobooks. My plan is to have her narrate the entire series, as it happens. We’re on track to start recording Surrendering Saul sometime this summer. (I wonder what Saul sounds like. Hmm.) I’ll try to have future audiobooks in the Hearth Motel series release at about the same time as the ebook launch.

You can get the audiobook at one of these places: