A news roundup!

Here’s some stuff you may have missed (or that I’m just getting around to sharing now):

The Alpha's Claim promo image

1 — The Alpha’s Claim (a short novel spun off from Shrew & Company) is out now.

You can get it on its own or in the Primal Need anthology.

**Please note that this story is supposed to be short. The call was for novellas. I actually maxed out the word count on this thing because, as you might have noticed, my style is generally better calibrated for longer books. Carina was kind not to make me slash content. When I write other stories set around Wolverton, the same length constrictions won’t apply.**

See where to get The Alpha’s Claim and Primal Need here.

1.5 — Can you spare a click

and vote for The Alpha’s Claim for Book Cover of the Month at RT Book Reviews?

The Angel's Hunger paranormal romance

2 — You can now read an excerpt of The Angel’s Hunger.

I added Chapter One to the book’s landing page here on my site. That book is the second in the Masters of Maria series.

Nothing in that chapter should be a spoiler for previous books set in this story’s world, but I could be wrong. So, be careful!

The Angel’s Hunger pulls in characters from both Sons of Gulielmus and Desert Guards. This book is a standalone but the characters are all inextricably connected. With each book, the town of Maria changes a little more to accommodate the supernaturals moving into it or visiting it.

2.5 — Reviewers: grab an ARC of TAH if you haven’t already.

It’s available at Edelweiss and NetGalley.

While I’m on the subject—if you feel compelled to read other stories in the Sons of Gulielmus/Desert Guards world in advance of this one, but don’t think you’ll finish them all before TAH releases (all of the novels are over 70,000 words), I’d suggest you use follow this abridged reading order: A Demon Bewitched (Sons of Gulielmus #3), The Cougar’s Pawn (Desert Guards #1), The Cougar’s Wish (Desert Guards #4), and then The Demigod’s Legacy (Masters of Maria #1).

If you’ve got some time left before June 5th, read this short story about the comatose Gulielmus.

Those will give you a good understanding of how we got to where we are now, and you can go back and read the other Desert Guards books later to find out more about the Coyotes, and then the Sons of Gulielmus books so you can find out why [spoiler spoiler spoiler].

*wink wink, nudge nudge*

3 — Don’t forget to get your entries in for the Fated & Forbidden scavenger hunt!

Fated and Forbidden pnr scavenger hunt
You can enter through Thursday. International readers: you’re eligible, too!

I’ll give you a head start and will steer you to my scavenger hunt page.

Don’t forget: all of the stories in the collection are discounted right now, as are other back list books from the authors. You can get my Hearth Motel books Surrendering Saul and Knight in Leather for 99¢ through May 25th.


I think that’s all the news I’ve got for now. Enjoy your weekend, folks!