Get Sons of Gulielmus and Desert Guards books for cheap all month long!

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Through June 30th, all of the novels from my Sons of Gulielmus and Desert Guards series are discounted in e-book format. So, if you missed the deals on the series bundles, here’s another way to complete your collections for cheap.

Sons of Gulielmus Desert Guards sale

The two series are connected and set in the same world and on consecutive timelines. The Cougar’s Pawn spins off from Sons of Gulielmus with the sister of the heroine from A Demon Bewitched.

And if you’ve just started the Masters of Maria series and wanted to know the deal with Tito’s motley group of friends—those two series are where it all started.

See all the deals here, and when you’re done collecting my books, check out these other deals on books from the Crimson Romance imprint here.