Now available in Kindle Unlimited: Hearth Motel, Den of Sin, and Reedsville Roosters

Kindle Unlimited* program subscribers, the following series and books will be available for you to read as part of the plan for at least the next three months:

Hearth Motel

All Hearth Motel titles.
·Prince in Leather
·Unwrapping Mr. Roth
·Knight in Leather
·Surrendering Saul

Reedsville Roosters

All Reedsville Roosters titles.
·One in Waiting
·Lucky Break
·Designated Hitter
·Out of Bounds

Den of Sin

All Den of Sin titles INCLUDING the M Collection bundle.
·Ménage à Troys
·Three Strikes
·As Sweet
·O for Two
·Shame and a Disgrace
·Off the Hook


*Kindle Unlimited is Amazon’s e-book subscription program. With some exceptions, e-books available in the program are EXCLUSIVE to Amazon during the length of time it is available to borrows.

That is to say that while these books are available in KU, they will not be available at Barnes and Noble, Google Play, iBooks, or Kobo.