After five months off the market, the first book in my Hearts and Minds series, Saint and Scholar, is back and available at all major e-book retailers!

Saint and Scholar Hearts and Minds Holley Trent

What’s different?

Obviously, there’s a new cover for the second edition. Also, the revised novel has about 10,000 more words than the original. (If you think in terms of pages rather than words, 10,000 words is about 1/5th of a Harlequin category romance paperback.)

The plot is essentially the same, but I got more into Grant and Carla’s heads and did a deeper exploration of their motivations.

Hearts and Minds logoOh! And I connected the book to the larger series. When I wrote the first edition back in 2012, I didn’t know Saint and Scholar was the start of a series. I took this opportunity to flesh out the secondary characters a bit more so that nothing is so surprising later (*coughcoughMegcough*).

Speaking of secondary characters, I’m working on getting Calculated Exposure and Seeing Red back out as soon as I can. The Lyrical Press edition of On the Ropes, the fourth in the series, is still available at retailers. I can’t make an estimate of when the missing two books will be available again because I’m working on these in between other projects, but my aim is to not have have too big a gap between them.

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