ROYAL, the 5th Jekh saga novel, is out now.

Luke, Duke, and the Royal Pain in the Ass

Royal Jekh SagaI’d been itching to make Luke Cipriani a hero since Salvo, and I’m giddy to finally get his story out. If you recall from the end of Wager, Luke was going to some desperate measures to get over his infatuation with Norway’s #1 royal-blooded mercenary, Alex Hauge.

Yeah, well. That didn’t work.

In fact, his plan blows up in his face spectacularly. Luke, being Luke, handles the mess the best way he knows how…much to the chagrin of both Alex and the lady Luke hauls to Jekh to marry.

Autumn Ray is an enigma. Luke isn’t all she’s gone to Jekh for. You might hate her for a while, but that’s to be expected. After all, she’s trying to get what she wants, just like everyone else on Jekh…she might be a little less slick about it, though.

This book goes back to the series’ MMF ménage roots, and it’s a hot one. When I was working on final edits, I giggled nervously through every sexy scene. I felt like a voyeur.

Maybe the trio gets it together by the time all is said and done.

Or maybe these three scoundrels are all playing each other.

I’ll never tell [here]. But you can read Royal and find out.

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*Royal will be widely available only through 9/28, so don’t wait to grab it. It’ll be Kindle exclusive by 9/30.

(Missing previous Jekh Saga installments? They’ll be available again at all retailers, at least for a while, in January. Watch each book’s page on my site for updates on sale availability.)