This year’s holiday novella is a Maria story!

Town of Maria graphic
A couple of months ago, I mused on Twitter that I hadn’t figured out what this year’s holiday novella would be. I try to get at least one out every year because they’re fun to write and they give me a chance to check in characters we haven’t heard from in a while.

An Angel Fallen Sons of Gulielmus holiday paranormal romanceAs you may know, all kinds of quandaries get hashed out in the Twitter hive mind, and my little query was no different. Crimson Romance’s lady-in-charge Tara Gelsomino tweeted back reminding me that Calvin and Sweetie had single cousins.

And I thought to myself, “Huh.”

And then I thought, “They’re sketchy as hell. They’re PERFECT.”

Ben Swain became my guy (if you want to know why I picked Ben over his cousin, you can make a good guess after reading the dedication in A Demon Bewitched—Ben’s the wolf who’s NOT the one).

Then, there was the small matter of combing through the town of Maria’s eligible singles to see who could handle one of those wolves. That was a pretty short list. All of my wolves tend to be pretty needy.

The Cougar's Wish coverThe lucky lady ended up being a recurring character from both the Desert Guards and Masters of Maria series. Alex Cavanaugh works at the town’s diner. She’s a human who knows all about the town’s paranormal element, and she can get lots of great advice about it from her were-cougar friend Belle.

The Wolf’s Joy takes place after The Angel’s Hunger, but it stands alone pretty well—kind of like my Norseton Wolves novellas. Don’t worry about trying to catch up on all of the previous books set in this world before you read it!

If you’re curious if the story nods to any ongoing [or upcoming!] Masters of Maria drama—no. Just imagine there’s a wall temporarily insulating Ben and Alex from everyone else’s business. The next novel in the series is still The Coyote’s Chance, which is set 4-5 months down the timeline.

There’s no cover or summary yet, but you can preorder The Wolf’s Joy now and it’ll automagically appear in your e-reader on 11/20. (Not available in your region yet? Check back in the coming weeks!)

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