THE WOLF’S JOY—a Masters of Maria novella—is out now!

The Wolf's Joy Masters of Maria by Holley TrentThe Wolf’s Joy is now available at most major e-book retailers. It’s a holiday novella set in New Mexico’s most magical town! Not only does it have a short, sexy romance, but it also checks in on some of our favorite elves.

There’s also fruitcake, moonshine, and perhaps a bit of petty theft.

Whose story is this?

The novella checks in on characters from the Sons of Gulielmus, Desert Guards, AND Masters of Maria series. The hero is the werewolf Ben Swain (of A Demon Bewitched infamy). The heroine is Alex Cavanaugh, Belle Foye’s best friend in The Cougar’s Wish, and a mainstay at Maria’s busy diner.

So, all those series are connected?

Yep. In the same way, for example, Lisa Kleypas’s Wallflowers are connected to the Hathaways who are connected to the Ravenels. They’re all slices of one big world. There are no unimportant characters.

Where does it fall in the series?

TWJ takes place a couple of months after The Angel’s Hunger. It is a stand-alone novella. That being said, it does “spoil” certain plot points of the previous story. If you’re trying to catch up, that’s something for you to keep in mind.

What about Willa? Or Lola?

If you caught hints in The Angel’s Hunger that the next story would feature one of those, you weren’t exactly wrong. The next novel, The Coyote’s Chance, is Willa’s story. That’ll be out next month. I wrote this novella after TCC, but it’s actually set before it. I tried to keep the timeline pretty clean by not bringing either of those two ladies into the party.

Where to get it:

Get the e-book at one of these retailers:
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·Barnes and Noble

Seen in Maria!

There’s an inside joke here. Read THE WOLF’S JOY to catch it. #MariaNM

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