Masters of Maria News

Here’s a quick update on what’s coming up for Masters of Maria. The remaining four stories are under contract, and you’ll see those tricking out between April 2018 and January of next year.

I can be slightly less coy about these now because I’ve already introduced [nearly] all the remaining lead characters. If you’ve been reading closely, you’ve probably already guessed who’s going to hook up by the end.

Coming soon are:

  • The Coyote’s Cowboy: a novella with the NorCal pack princess Sheena Esposito and a ranch hand employed by the Foyes.*
  • The Coyote’s [Redacted]: Lily and Lance.**
  • The Angel’s Fire: Lola and Tarik.***
  • The Angel’s Desire: Clarissa and Gulielmus.****

I’ll abstain from saying anything else at this point. Although each story in the series stands alone pretty well, they’re all connected. These people all know each other and their lives intertwine. I’ll share more as they get closer to their release dates.

Who? Where?

*Sheena appears in The Coyote’s Chance.
**Lily was first introduced in The Cougar’s Wish. Lance’s debut was in The Coyote’s Chance.
***Lola was a fixture in the Desert Guards series. She’s Tito’s mother, and is prominent throughout Masters of Maria. Tarik debuted in The Cougar’s Pawn.
****Clarissa and Gulielmus were both introduced in A Demon in Waiting in the Sons of Gulielmus series. The appear in (or are referenced) throughout the SoG, Desert Guards, and Masters of Maria series.