A Note About the Closure of Crimson Romance

Edited 3/14: Better news for my Masters of Maria fans! I got the image information I needed for the covers for contracted remaining books. I’ll be able to keep the looks exactly the same, so there shouldn’t be too much deviation from the release schedule I had before.

As soon as Simon & Schuster cancels the listing for THE COYOTE’S COWBOY (and the other books available for preorder), I’ll work on getting new product pages set up. Don’t even bother looking for them until that bit of admin is sorted out—I’ll let you know.

So, you’ll be able to read THE COYOTE’S COWBOY next month, THE COYOTE’S BRIDE in July, THE ANGEL’S FIRE in October, and THE ANGEL’S DESIRE probably in January.

Watch this space for more news!

This is the second time in my writing career that I’ve had to share this sort of news, but it’s the nature of the publishing industry. Sometimes, the market changes too quick, and publishers have to take a hard look at their business plans and decide what to trim.

Today, all of the authors and editors at Crimson Romance received word from the higher-ups that the imprint will close immediately. All books scheduled for release after 4/1 have hereby been cancelled.

That means the Masters of Maria bundle and The Coyote’s Cowboy will not be coming out next month, nor will the remaining three novels in the series be released through Crimson.

As you can imagine, I’m in shock over the news and haven’t made plans yet for the series beyond the fact that I absolutely will finish it this year. The Coyote’s Cowboy only needs proofing and possibly a new cover (three of the final four covers were made, but I don’t know yet if I’ll be able to work something out to get them). Lily and Lance’s book is also done, and I’m about 30% done with Lola and Tarik’s.

I’m going to get them out one way or another. Pretty much the only obstacle I have at this moment is keeping the covers consistent, because that’s really important to me.

If you’ve preordered any of the upcoming books—thank you. Your order(s) will be automatically cancelled as soon as S&S updates their catalogue, so you won’t need to do anything there. As soon as the new listings are available, I’ll let you know here, through my newsletter, via Facebook, and anywhere else I spend time on the internet.

The rest of my Masters of Maria, Desert Guards, and Sons of Gulielmus books will remain available as they are for now. If that changes, I’ll let you know. The only thing that might change is that I might slide Diana’s book in as a bonus before Clarissa and Gulielmus’s.

Watch this space!