The Coyote's Cowboy coverConfession: when I sketched out the series arc for Masters of Maria* back in 2016, The Coyote’s Cowboy, the story wasn’t even on the list.

But…then I wrote The Coyote’s Chance.

Blue’s jilted fiancée was supposed to be a throwaway character, but I felt like garbage for that. Too often in romance stories, the ladies get the short end of the stick, or you’re told that “Oh, they’re fine,” but you never actually see that. I had this gorgeous young woman who’d been waiting her whole life to marry a Coyote shifter she didn’t want, and in her liberation, she ends up with no prospects. So, I had to give Sheena Esposito her own happy ending. While I was at it, I also wanted to show in another story before the next big novel how the Coyotes and Cougars in Maria have started cooperating.

The hero, Austin, is special for me. He’s plain-old-human and an outsider just like Sheena, but he has his own reasons for escaping to Maria. He’s socially withdrawn and neurodivergent, and he just wants to prove that he’ll okay on his own…but of course, that doesn’t mean he has to be lonely.

He and Sheena have completely different backgrounds and personality types, but they just fit. I love writing characters that can be themselves around each other.

The ebook of The Coyote’s Cowboy is available pretty much everywhere, and oh! It’s only 99¢ for the next week.

***You can read Chapter One here.***

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*The Masters of Maria stories all stand alone, but … Well. You know.