Updates on future releases

scenic overlook at Elephant Butte State Park, New Mexico
Elephant Butte State Park in New Mexico, November 2018

Recently, I’ve gotten a bunch of queries about when the next books of certain series will be out, so I thought I’d do a comprehensive update in one place:

The Jekh Saga

Match—Brenna, Herris, and Rajan’s book (with some Eileen & Salehi angst) has been drafted to death. I just need to toss it to the copy editor, which I will do as soon as feasible. (I don’t like having multiple books out for edits at once. See below.) As soon as that’s done and my proofreader has her crack at it, I’ll upload it to all major platforms. I won’t warn you in advance because sometimes, surprises are nice.

The Afótama Legacy

The next novel is about 90% done. The series editor is due to get it in July. Conservatively, I’d guess that book will be out in September. For the time being, I’m withholding the title only because I don’t want people to make assumptions about the plot.

I can tell you that the trouple (a trio rather than a couple!) is Keith, Mallory, and Asher. The structure of that book is a little different than the previous ones because there’s also a secondary romance—Jody’s. It’s got five POVs, but if you’ve read much full-length historical romance, you’ve probably juggled four or more just fine.

It’s gonna be a big book, kinda like Viking Flame.

There won’t be another Hearth Motel book until after the Afótama drama concludes. They’re on the same timeline, and the next couple of Afótama books take place back to back.

Masters of Maria

The Coyote’s Bride (which is set in part at the same place as is picture above!) is in my editor’s capable hands and also up for preorder everywhere except Google Play. I’ll upload it there closer to the 7/23 release.

I finished the first draft of Lola and Tarik’s book, The Angel’s Fire last night. With revision bloat and editing, that story will likely be the longest in the series up to date, but it kind of has to be. It’s the historical paranormal romance you didn’t even know you wanted. (Did I ever tell you that Lola used to run a brothel and saloon?)

Contemporary Stuff

Many of you have been waiting for me to release some new contemporary romance, and I do have some news on that front. I’m serializing a new erotic romance on Radish! The installments will start going up by the end of next week if my schedule holds out. If you’re not a Radish user, don’t worry—this book will also be made available as a full book at a later date. More on that soon!