Updates on Release Dates

I know readers are waiting for new installations to my existing series. I’ve been cagey about when certain books will be out because, honestly, my production schedule sort of collapsed a bit after the Crimson Romance imprint closed. I was used to managing my workload a certain way and I had to change that very quickly. Due to the length of that series and my goal to conclude it this winter, it was important to me to get the remainder of that series out at the same pace. That meant other projects needed to be temporarily iced.

Publishing well is a very time-consuming endeavor and I don’t want to get into the habit of rushing out work.

That being said, I crunched numbers and did the calendar math this morning and figured out REASONABLE release zones for the next cluster of books:

July (as scheduled): The Coyote’s Bride (Masters of Maria)
Late Summer: Match (The Jekh Saga)
Late September: The next Afótama Book (title still withheld)
Mid-October: The Angel’s Fire (Masters of Maria)
Mid-November: The Coyote’s Comfort (Masters of Maria holiday novella)

There may be some point where I decide to double-up on release months until I’m caught up (every single book above has already been written and is in some stage of editing), but I can’t make any promises right now.

You can always tell what the “sure bets” are by looking at the UPCOMING TITLES dropdown above. I never add a book to it until it’s well on its way.

And of course, I don’t mind at all if you ask me on Facebook or Twitter questions about when specific characters will get books! Just know that I’m probably estimating dates. Things can change so quickly!

(And because this is a FAQ, I’ll rehash here: “Holley, how do you write books so quickly? Do you use ghostwriters?”

No. I type fast, retain a lot of [otherwise] useless trivia that ends up in stories, and have a very cooperative imagination. Trust me when I tell you that the books with historical elements *side-eyes The Angel’s Fire* come off the assembly line much, much slower.)