Ménage à Troys (Den of Sin)

Menage a Troys MMF erotic romance

Book Information

·SERIES: Den of Sin
·SUBGENRE: Erotic Contemporary
·RELEASE DATE: December 13, 2013
·SCANDAL LEVEL: 5/5 clutched pearls for polyamory themes, male/male eroticism, male/male/female ménage scenarios, adult language, and dark humor.

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Eve Troy wants to spark passion in her cold marriage of convenience, and hopes a visit to the Hotel Beaudelaire’s Den of Sin event will be the ignition she and her husband Brent need. Unfortunately, they arrive to find their room is already occupied…and by a man who knows Eve’s marriage is a sham. Remy Kelly is intent on claiming her for himself, but when faced with Eve’s strapping new husband who comes onto Remy’s radar as exactly the kind of alpha male he likes, he has a battle of conscience. He wants to take Eve home—not Brent—but for some reason, the Troys seem like a package deal.