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Get the entire Desert Guards series for a steal.

For a limited time, you can buy the complete collection of Desert Guards cougar shifter novels for less than a dollar (US)!!!
Desert Guards shapeshifter romance bundle

That’s Mason’s story, Hank’s, Sean’s, AND Belle’s in one collection. Siblings ought to stick together, right?

Get it here:

·Amazon US
·Amazon CA
·Amazon UK
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·Barnes and Noble
·Google Play

Now, you may wonder what this “complete series” means for Tito. I promised you his story.

Well, it’s still in the works. He’ll be spinning off a new series arc. See? I haven’t lied yet.


SEER (Norseton Wolves 8) is available now.

My third Reckless Desires Norseton Wolves novella is out today!

Seer Norseton Wolves Reckless Desires

Amazon US
Amazon CA
Amazon UK
Amazon AU

This story is of Petra’s brother Arnold and a … damsel in distress? *shrug* (Poor Leo.)

If you missed the memo, this’ll be the last NW story for a while. I explain why in the series note in the back of Seer, but I’ll tell you why here, too.

Because Norseton Wolves is set on the same timeline as The Afótama Legacy and Hearth Motel, I have to rein these novellas in so they don’t get too far ahead. Right now, they’re far enough ahead of the timeline to make me twitchy.

Some time needs to elapse in Afótama/Hearth before I issue another cluster of Norseton Wolves books or else the stories will get super spoiler-rific, and that’s not fair for the readers who are following all three plots.

I plan to have a little Norseton something available this Christmas to make up for it, though. Check out that series not to find out what it might be!



You see that little tab in the menu that says “Upcoming Titles”? That’s how you can keep track of the “sure bets”—the new stories that are already on the calendar and that will get published come hell or high water.

Right now, it’s looking a bit lighter than usual. After Monday when Seer comes out, it’ll be empty unless I add some stuff to it.

I usually have a lot of stuff queued up and ready to launch. Right now, I don’t. I had a huge clump of releases in Q1 and Q2. If you’ve been following closely, you noticed that I added books to Shrew & Company, Hearth Motel, The Afótama Legacy, Norseton Wolves, AND Desert Guards, as well as three stories to my Reedsville Roosters contemporary romance series. (Yes, I write a lot. I think I explained why once? I’ll dig up that old post if it exists later.)

Anyway, now I’m just…

Well, I don’t want to say I’m twiddling my thumbs. I’m always working on stuff, but sometimes it takes a while to make the calendar reflect that.

I can tell you what’s probable or likely, though.

1 – I’ve got an Afótama novella waiting to go for the third Viking box set. If you read Viking’s Pride and Viking Fire, you’ll recognize the hero and heroine. It’s Chris and Marty. That’ll be out Novemberish, I think. I hope to have the next novel ready to go in Q1 2017. That’ll be Keith’s book.

2 – I’m going to write a novella with characters from Hearth Motel for a collaborative thing. News on that later, but if I can pull it off, it’ll be out in November. (I won’t say which characters, but I WILL say they won’t be major players. Those folks all get novels.)

3 – I’m in the process of writing Tito’s book. Tito is the Were-cougar demigod who first appeared in The Cougar’s Trade. He’s kinda important. The story will tie off some loose threads I left in The Cougar’s Wish, but it won’t be a Desert Guards book. It’ll launch something else I haven’t named yet, but that something else will have lots of Tarik, Tamatsu, Gulielmus, and a few other angel assholes.

I don’t know when that book will see the light of day, but certainly not until after the second book is nearly done. Like with Desert Guards, I’d want that series to roll out without big delays between each story.

I’ll keep you updated.

4 – Shrew & Company 7 is in progress. I’m working on that during my “free” time (lol) for now, but I hope to have it out by the end of the year. That’s Soren & Marcella’s story. Their story will mark a bit of a shift in the series. Now that the first arc has mostly concluded, the books will be a little longer so you can see Shrews working cases from start to finish. Marcella’s focus will be chasing down Wes from CarrHealth.

5 – The sci-fi romances I’m writing under the H.E. Trent name will start rolling out in August. I’m awaiting a cover on the first (which is why I’m not promoting it yet), and I just finished the second book. When those are available everywhere for preorder, I’ll let you know.

6 – I’ve got a Den of Sin holiday story coming this fall. That’s all I know. I haven’t decided yet whether it’ll be MF, MMF, or something else, but I’ve got some ideas in mind.

Again: I’ll let you know.

Eh. I think that’s all. I’ve got some contemporary stuff brewing, but I can’t talk about that series until I know who’s gonna publish it, whether that be me or a house.




Some candy for my contemporary romance readers!

In case you missed it, my Hearts and Minds series starter novel Saint and Scholar is on sale this month.

Kristi Rose compiled a huge list of romance deals going on now through the 19th that includes my book, other Lyrical Press & Kensington titles, plus lots of other can’t-miss deals on contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and even a few historical romances, too.

Snap up these bargain books now, and feel free to share the news. There are plenty of e-books to go around. 😉


OUT OF BOUNDS is out now!

Out of Bounds MMF romance

My sexy MMF/ménage romance featuring a[nother] down-on-his-luck minor league baseball player is now available at Amazon.

Amazon US
Amazon CA
Amazon UK
Amazon AU

Remember: you can read the Reedsville stories out of order, but you’ll have more fun if you read them all. The players have an…interesting dynamic.

Oh! And the cost of Out of Bounds will go up by a buck on Monday.

Happy reading!


The Den’s June contest is now live!

Every month, the Den of Sin authors give away a gift card and paperbacks to a lucky reader. This month, we’re giving away a copy of the Suite Encounters anthology edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel along with Carly Phillips’ Dare to Take.
Suite Encounters Dare to Take Carly Phillips

—Enter through 7/9 at the Den site.—


Price alerts on SAINT AND SCHOLAR, BEYOND THE VEIL, and more.

Just a little quickie post to give you a heads-up to a couple of current deals that won’t last.

1 – Saint and Scholar is 99¢ through July 3

Saint and Scholar by Holley Trent
Saint and Scholar is the first story in my Hearts and Minds series. It’s a sensual contemporary romance that features an young Irish professor and his former American student.

The story is sweet compared to what I write now, but the series gets hotter as it progresses. Also, most of the world-building for the series is established in Saint and Scholar, you grab it and meet the crew you’ll see in later books.

It’s 99¢ at these places:

All Romance eBooks
Amazon US
Amazon CA
Amazon AU (converts to $1.38)
Amazon UK
Barnes and Noble
Google Play


2 – Beyond the Veil is on sale this weekend

Beyond the Veil box set
The Beyond the Veil collection is 99¢ again through tomorrow ONLY AT AMAZON.

Amazon US
Amazon CA
Amazon UK
Amazon AU

If you haven’t purchased Prince in Leather, you can get it in this collection for as cheap as it’s ever going to be.

I don’t know how much longer this collection will be available. It may come down in July or it may be around a little longer. Definitely grab it while it’s a sure bet if you’ve been on the fence about it.


3 – The price of Out of Bounds will go up after launch.

Out of Bounds MMF romance

Out of Bounds releases on Tuesday. Currently it’s priced at a pretty standard $2.99, but that’ll inch up a buck on June 20th.

No idea when/if I’ll discount that one again. It’s fifth in the series, and usually when I price those books, the prices are sticky.

My Reedsville stories are currently Amazon exclusive. I suspect that won’t change until the next Den of Sin season, which is slated for late fall.

Want to read Out of Bounds on release day, but don’t have a Kindle?

You can still purchase and read Kindle e-books. Here’s how. Yes, you need an Amazon account, but no—you don’t need a dedicated Kindle. You can read on your computer, tablet, or phone.


Out now—a new Norseton/Reckless/Afótama novella!

Scout Norseton Wolves Reckless Desires
Really—just roll with it.

Scout is the second in my trio of Reckless Desires novellas. It’s the seventh Norseton Wolves installment, and like all the other wolf stories, has characters from The Afótama Legacy popping in.

You might have met the hero, Paul, in Viking’s Pride. From the time I wrote that story, I knew that Paul was going to have to seek his partner outside the clan, so I figured I’d have him take a walk on the wolf side.

You can get Scout now at Amazon.

Amazon US
Amazon CA
Amazon AU
Amazon UK


THE COUGAR’S TRADE is an FF&P Prism Contest finalist!

PRISM 2016 FinalistI used to have an animated gif of me body-rolling across a room, but I think my old computer ate it. Just imagine me dancing [badly] on sore ankles and startling the sleeping cat.

I love any reason to show off pictures of shirtless shapeshifters, but I think finaling in a contest is among the top of them.

The crankiest of the Foye boys has apparently enamored at least a handful of readers. I’m thrilled that The Cougar’s Trade is a finalist in the light paranormal category of this year’s FF&P Prism Contest!

Think maybe Hank’ll crack a smile if he wins? I guess we’ll find out in July at the RWA national conference!
cougar shifter romance

Learn more about The Cougar’s Trade.


A couple of new bundles with Norseton Wolves

Quickie post to let you know about two new bundles you can find Norseton Wolves novellas in.

Scion is included in the Excite Spice Paws and Claws 3 anthology which is available now for around $1 at all Amazon sites.
Paws and Claws 3
You can guess by the title that the collection is all shapeshifter romances, so if you like your heroes a little growly, this bundle’s for you.

Here’s where [most of] you can get it:

Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon CA
Amazon AU

Also, as of today, the first four Norseton Wolves novellas (including Scion) are available in the Mate Call collection.
Norseton Wolves Mate Call Collection
Normally, those stories retail for around 99¢ each, depending on your location, but if you buy the collection, you can get the four for $2.99.

Like the rest of the Norseton Wolves series, the collection is currently only available at Amazon. If you shop at other retailers like Barnes and Noble or iBooks, you’ll be able to grab it this fall.

Here’s where [most of] you can get it:

Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon CA
Amazon AU