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February, 2012

Character Imperfections

I sometimes put my characters into some seriously out-there situations for the sake of hyperbole. That isn’t to say their situations can’t happen in real life–oh, they do!–I just make them BIGGER and more dramatic than they would otherwise be. Same thing for my supporting characters. Those folks don’t have small personalities because they’re meant Read more of this post »


I’m not a plotter. Not really. When I come up with the general idea for a story, I put some very superficial information down on paper: character’s name, age, occupation, physical appearance, and a few quirks that make him or her unique. I may even jot down the general concept for the story and where Read more of this post »

Holley’s Top Five Distractions

As fanatical as I am about routines, especially my writing ones, sometimes it’s hard for me not to get sucked into distractions. I’m sure I’m not alone in this, but I thought I’d share what my biggest time-sucks are.   E-mail. Publishing is a deadline-driven industry so I always feel compelled to respond to messages Read more of this post »

Why this place?

You know, I started seriously writing fiction right at the time when the big chick-lit bubble burst. You know what I mean: it was the early 00’s and books set in urban places with sophisticated single women were really big. I even placed as a finalist in an author search held by one of the Read more of this post »

Quirky Kink?

I wanted to pop in and update you all on some Holley news right quick before this spider on the blinds sees me with one of her trillion eyes and decides to stage an assault. First, my long short story (which is similar in a way to a jumbo shrimp only more literate) Executive Decision Read more of this post »