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March, 2012

End of Month Round-up!

I know it’s not quite the end of the month yet, but 27 is pretty close to 31. Here’s what’s going on in HolleyDom: Edits are essentially done on Executive Decision. It’s going through line edits at Musa right now. I hope to have some cover art to show you in the next couple of Read more of this post »

On Rejection

I was going to write today about the vernacular of my home state and upload a little recording of me reading a bit from my short story Kristy. But, this morning I woke up to a big fat R in my inbox (that’s “rejection” to you uninitiated masses) and I want to talk about it. Read more of this post »

It’s a tangled web I weave.*

I’ve talked before about how I stumbled into creating the HolleyVerse. Now I’d like to talk about how it keeps growing. It’s sort of like a spider web that expands from the inside out. When [plot] holes show up, I climb delicately up the webbing to patch them. You can see what works I have Read more of this post »

Let’s talk about sex.

If you’d like, you can imagine I’m wearing huge doorknocker earrings, stretch pants and slouch boots. (I do a pretty good booty dance, too.) Specifically, let’s talk about sex in romance writing. How do I know when to write it into a scene? Where’s the “line”? I’m thinking about this now because last week I Read more of this post »