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April, 2012

Friendly Friday with Randi Alexander (and a contest!)

Happy Friday, folks! Today, cowboy romance writer Randi Alexander kindly answered a bunch of my crazy questions *and* is offering one of you lucky folks the chance to win a copy of her new anthology. Stick around ’till the end! Thank you, Holley, for interviewing me. I’m Randi Alexander and I write cowboy erotic romance. Read more of this post »

End-of-Month Round-up: April Edition

Feels a little bit early, but today is the last Tuesday of the month and, hey–I’ve got news. First, check out the shiny new cover for my 5/25 erotic romance release from Musa! Isn’t that gorgeous? Props to the talented Kelly Shorten for patching together my scatterbrained art request into something cohesive. Next, in the Read more of this post »

Pants vs. Plots

Even up to a few months ago I was a confirmed “pantser.” That is to say I wrote stories without having any friggin’ idea where they would end up. I would just let the muse carry me away. I condemned plotting. I can’t do that anymore. While waiting around for my muses to tell me Read more of this post »

Seven from Page Seven

I’m been a busy little worker bee this week and in about five days have written about 15,000 words on my new novel–you know, the one I had no conceptualization of until this past Saturday? Yeah, that one. I was actually working on something else and got yanked away by this nagging idea. Well, thanks Read more of this post »

I swear.

This may come as a shock, what with me be a delicate Southern flower and all (*scoff*), but I’ve been fluent in cuss since I was seven years old and temporarily living in The Bronx. Little boys used to chase me around the playground and to punish them for that I grated their ears with Read more of this post »

[Ended] Another caffeine-powered contest from your girl Holley!

Hoppy Easter, y’all! The next time I do one of these blog hops I hope to have some books to give away, but this time I’ve got the next best thing: coffee. And tea. And candy! Oh. Also? A mug. Thanks to Drea Becraft for putting this caravan o’ contests together! Hope y’all find lots Read more of this post »

Authors Behaving Badly

Dear writers: I rarely throw my hat into the ring when it comes to big internet kerfuffles. I don’t engage in the debate–I just sit on the sidelines with my knitting while reading carefully and occassionally letting out a grunt of amusement. That being said, I’ve got to say something about the way some authors Read more of this post »