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August, 2012

Based *somewhat* on reality.

Did I ever tell you I worked in headhunting? Yeah. It’s where I got the inspiration for my short sexy romance Executive Decision. Now, let me be clear here: I didn’t do recruiting. That was a job for everyone else at the agency. I was the poor sucker who did everything else. It was often Read more of this post »

Six Sentence Sunday

Here’s six sentences from next month’s Polished Slick. Sorry for the tease! Jerry worried the innuendo would be lost on her. She was obviously a prude. When he pulled back and looked at her face, her eyes were wide and cheeks flushed. He let the smile he’d been suppressing be his gloat. Normally Jerry was Read more of this post »

Agoraphobia and an Angel – Hailey Edwards’ new release

Y’all, I suck. I was supposed to put this post up bright and early this morning, but I went on vacation without wrestling my inbox. Apologies to Ms. Hailey Edwards, because she’s very kindly giving away a copy of any title from her backlist and that’s definitely worth attention! Check out this teaser from her Read more of this post »

Snark on! *clap clap*

In a former life when I primarily wrote non-fiction essays I was often referred to as “one snarky momma.” Sometimes the snark bleeds into my fiction. I can’t help it. Forgive me? Here’s a little passage of something I’m working up for the holidays. It’s a pretty hot romance about a dandy elf named Nick Read more of this post »

Bound Chickenscratch

I have a bunch of notebooks. They’re not cheap-o spiral-bound things you get at the beginning of the school year for 10 cents. They’re the ones that have ribbons sewn in as page markers or expandable folders at the back or “special” graph or blank pages. You can find them at bookstores (should a bookstore Read more of this post »