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September, 2012

Happy Anniversary, Musa! (Contest Ended)

UPDATE! Congratulations to blog hop participants Catherine lee: KINDLE FIRE Duckysblue: SWAG BAG #1 Cassandra: SWAG BAG #2 Winnie: copy of Executive Decision (please email me at holley [at] and let me know what digital format you’d like!) *** About ten months ago I was living in a little corporate housing apartment following our Read more of this post »

Second to none! [contest ended]

Edited: congratulations to lucky commenter number 10! likes you! Gift coming your way. *** I love stories with big-ass casts. (Somewhere there’s an editor rubbing her wrist from all the unnecessary named characters she had to punt from my story.) Secondary characters are where most of my comic relief comes into play. Even when Read more of this post »

Holley Reads – Dead Awake

I’m making some progress on my TBR list. I just finished Dead Awake (Musa Publishing). It’s the first in a series. The first four are out, and the fifth will be out next month. ZOMG. Hilarious paranormal romance by Lizzie T. Leaf. Best exchange in the whole book: “Thought you and me could play a Read more of this post »

I’m having a parade! Don’t rain on it.

So! News! 1. My Nora has a release date. Look for it right after Thanksgiving on 11/26. I thought, “Hey, cool,” and then I realized that’s right around when the book starts getting juicy, too. Yay, November! I’m working on a really cool giveaway for that book, but I need to figure out the logistics. Read more of this post »

Saturday Snark from Polished Slick

Marie may be in Italy, but the snark goes on as scheduled. I’m going to share a li’l bit of humor from my bawdy sensual romance Polished Slick – available 9/17. [Trinity] decided to go for bullshittery and forced herself to meet his hard stare. “Um…what are you listening to?” Jerry studied her for a Read more of this post »

How to Write a Novel in a Month: Part II

Back again for more butt-kicking. Where were we? Oh yes. How to write that novel fast. Okay, next: organization and motivational tools help. Don’t discount events like NaNoWriMo. They may seem like a gimmick where all you get is a badge saying you pounded out 50,000 words, but if you look deeply into the website Read more of this post »

How to Write a Novel in a Month: Part I

OH MUH GUH, it’s one of THOSE posts. Except it isn’t. Bear with me. This series is going to be all inspirational and shit. Nothing I write in this post or those that follow should be construed as a brag. The truth is, I do novel-in-a-month again and again because if I lose enthusiasm I Read more of this post »