The Five W’s with Emilia Mancini and The Rebound

Emilia Mancini's The ReboundEmilia Mancini‘s erotic debut novella from Liquid Silver Books The Rebound hit cyber-shelves in April, and with a cover like that I bet it’s still burning up e-reader display screens months later. In May, Night Owl Reviews tapped The Rebound as a Top Pick. I might need a cup of ice water just to finish this post. Lawd. Without further ado, here are the five w’s.

WHO are your main characters?

Casi Hanson is an anchor on the local news station. Because of her local celebrity status, everyone knows her husband cheated on her. It is this hurt and humiliation which leads to her suggesting Conner pretend to be her date for a charity event.

Conner Bennett is an attorney. He is at the same benefit as Casi to play career politics and try to make partner at his firm. His wife too was having an affair and is attending the same benefit. This is what convinces him to agree to Casi’s suggestion that they walk into the event together so they don’t have to walk in alone.

WHAT tropes do you utilize in the story?

Casi and Conner agree to a no-strings attached one evening date to ease the sting of showing up to a public event alone. Because they share the same pain, they connect on a deeper level, including intense physical attraction. After deciding to spend the night together, they agree to a longer term no-strings attached friends-with-benefits type of relationship.

WHEN is the story set and how long does it take to resolve?

This is a contemporary story that, start to finish, lasts about six months.

WHERE is the story set and why’d you choose that setting?

The story is set in a moderately sized urban area. I chose this setting because it fit the needs of the characters, not many small towns have television stations or large law firms.

WHY did you write this story?

When I wrote this, I was couch-bound as the result of a concussion (don’t roughhouse in a shallow pool, kids!). I couldn’t get around very well, certainly couldn’t drive, so I decided to write a short story. I ended up using the storyline from a longer unpublished book I’d written, pulled some scenes from other unpublished works, tied it all together, and The Rebound was born. Of course, it was riddled with errors (I blamed the brain damage) and was a nightmare for my editor, but she did a great job straightening it out.

HOW is this story different than the last one you wrote?

This was my first novella length story, my first erotic story, and my first venture into publishing. I learned so much from publishing this book. It will always be my favorite just because of that.

About The Rebound

Still reeling from catching her husband in bed with his mistress, the last thing Casi Hanson is looking for is romance. When she meets brokenhearted Conner Bennett, she thinks she has found exactly what she needs.

Their mutual desire for a “no strings attached” sexual relationship offers the opportunity to explore fantasies and fetishes their spouses denied them and the freedom to walk away when they are done.

The only fantasy too taboo is falling in love.

Excerpt from The Rebound

Casi pulled a plump lip between her teeth as her eyes went to the dance floor. She knew she didn’t have to worry about Mark being there, but even so, the reality of coming face to face with him was terrifying.
“You look like you’re going to throw up.”

“It’s kind of like knowing the big bad wolf is out there somewhere.”

“I’ll be right there, fending him off,” he said as the band began covering a Temptations song. Conner helped her off the stool and pulled her into the crowd, where they disappeared into the sea of bodies.

Casi easily slipped into his arms, moving against him as if she’d done it a hundred times. It felt so comforting to be pressed against him, she didn’t care this wasn’t real. She put her cheek to his and pulled him closer, closing the already small gap between them.

With his body against hers, and the sound of his breath mixed with the old song, and the scent of his cologne, Casi felt drawn to him. She slid her hand over his shoulder, gently stroked the back of his neck with her fingertips, and he pulled her closer in response. She intentionally pressed into him, much more than was necessary, and the air around them changed into something sensual. She knew he felt it too when his fingertips began to gently dig into her back.

His breath quickened, sending spurts of hot moisture down her neck, and she felt it all the way down to the flimsy black lace she wore under her dress. Her nipples tightened in response, and a stirring began deep between her legs.

While she was certain she could stay in this moment forever, or at least for the next few hours, the song ended and transitioned into something more upbeat, breaking the spell. She lifted her head, slowly opened her eyes and met his gaze, finding it as heated as hers.

When neither made a move to break their tight embrace, she realized he was debating with himself about kissing her, and she was shocked to realize she wouldn’t stop him if he did. Several moments passed before Casi gave in to the temptation, leaned forward and pressed her mouth to his.

Conner kissed her in return, and Casi knew, without doubt, she was going to do something she would most likely regret in the morning.

About Emilia

Emilia Mancini lives with her husband, two daughters, and their numerous pets. She is a freelance writer appearing monthly in a variety of local magazines as well as a content editor for several small publishing houses.

Romance/erotica is her preferred reading and writing genre because nothing feels better than falling in love with someone new and her husband doesn’t like when she does that in real life.

She is currently working on her MS in Publishing with hopes of someday taking over the world.