I’m in Amazon’s erotica ghetto.

Where’s my merit badge?
Two Strikes by Holley Trent
You know, I don’t try to make sense of why ‘Zon does what it does, but if I tried to understand why some books end up hidden beneath Amazon’s metaphorical locked glass counter and why others don’t, my head would explode. It’s like pondering the size of the universe.

I’m not bothered by the tag because, well, fuck, it’s DEFINITELY an adult book. But, when ‘Zon smacks that ADULT flag on a book, it makes the book harder to discover by people who don’t know the book by name.

Anyhoo. The short story Two Strikes is free everywhere except ‘Zon. So, go forth and glom. (Warning – this story doesn’t have an HEA. It has a “See you later” ending. It’s an intro to the Den of Sin series and contains BDSM and exhibitionism.)