I’m still blushing over this one.

Menage a Troys by Holley TrentOkay – confession time.

Almost every book I’ve written has some sex in it, and I’ve written a lot of books, but at heart I’m a bit of a prude.

What? Stop laughing! I totally am. I giggle through every sex scene I write, and editing the steamy stuff takes me three times as long because I have to keep getting up to pace the floor. I seriously walk back and forth behind my desk muttering, “I can’t believe I wrote that.”

Then I sit down and giggle some more.

I guess this is what happens when good Southern girls go off the rails.

Ménage à Troys is hands-down the story that has made me sweat the most. I suppose I didn’t know what I was getting into during the Den of Sin series planning phase, when I was all, “Oh, ha ha, no problem. I’ll write the outlier story with the threesome. That’ll be easy. It’s just adding two hands and some balls.”

*drums fingers on desktop*

Y’all. Every time I think about that story I wheeze a little bit. I think part of the reason I get so disordered about it is that Remy Kelly, one of the Ms in the MMF scenario, is so damned audacious. He may be the cheekiest male protagonist I’ve ever written, and that’s really saying something.

Well, I opened Pandora’s box, and I’m going to own up to it. I’m going to own it so far as to tell you there’s another MMF story in the works, and I’m probably going to giggle and blush all the way through that one, too.

*dabs sweat from brow*

Ménage a Troys is available for purchase at these places: All Romance eBooks, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Smashwords. Through 12/19, it’ll be available for the introductory price of $1.49, and then the price will settle in at a permanent $2.99.

I just blushed so dang hard my ear popped.


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  1. nora snowdon says:

    hey holley,
    good luck with this smuttier writing. I think i’ll have to stick to your less-crowded romances tho, for fear that if I start reading ménages I might get stuck on permanent blush, and that’s really not a great look on me. so please keep writing your regular quirky/snarky romances as well for your inhibited Canadian fans…

  2. Lena Hart says:

    LOL, Holley, I can totally sympathize! I’m the same way. The whole time I’m writing my love scenes, I’m muttering “I can’t with myself. I just can’t”. It’s good to know I’m not the only romance author suffering from this affliction, lol. And I’m glad NYC hasn’t managed to take the Southern girl completely out of me!

  3. Good luck, Holley. I’d love to tackle a menage. I love reading them, though my preference by far is MFM. I’d rather it be a woman sandwich, if you know what I mean. Still, I love that you can make yourself blush. Awesome. Audacious is also a very intriguing word to use for one of your characters.

    • Holley Trent says:

      I hear ya! When I was planning this one and I had to choose between MMF and MFM, the MMF worked better with the back-story. Surprised me that it went that way, actually.