I kinda know what I’m doing. (Subtitle: 2015 releases)

Things have fallen into place enough that I have a general idea of what’s releasing when, especially for Q1 and Q2 2015. This is how things stand right now.

Emerald Springs Legacy box setFebruary 2: the Emerald Springs Legacy boxed set releases. That’s for you contemporary/sexy small town romance lovers. If you like family sagas, you’ll love this series. (I’m not just saying that because I have a book in it.)

Out now!

-February 10: Shrew & Company 4/Following Fabian (para rom suspense, I guess) releases.

Out now!

-March 17: Afótama Legacy 2/The Chieftain’s Daughter. It’s basically The Viking Queen’s Men part II.

Available now!

-April 13: Sons of Gulielmus bundle is available now!

-June: Hearth Motel 1/Prince in Leather (this used to be Last of the Season). When you read The Chieftain’s Daughter, you’ll have a good idea what this series’ background plot will be about. Sorry to be coy.

-July: Den of Sin Season 4 novella. More on that later.

-September: Afótama Legacy 3 (Viking’s Flame). This’ll be the romance between Nadia and … well, you’ll see. You’ll know by the end of The Chieftain’s Daughter.

-October 13: On the Ropes, the last story in my Hearts and Minds series, releases. That’s already up for preorder at the ‘Zon.

Okay. That’s all I have release info for right now. I’ve got stuff that hasn’t been scheduled yet, and I’ll fill in the gaps on those later.