Two bears, a cat, and a couple of circus freaks.

You may have already noticed that I’ve been swapping out the covers for the Shrew & Company series one at a time. Well, the first five–that includes the upcoming Eric’s Edge–are done!
Shrew and Company new covers
I really dig them, and the look definitely fits the tone of the series going forward (yes, there’ll be more books after number five).

You might also notice something else different about book one: I changed the title. The Problem with Paddy didn’t fit the naming convention I established in the following four stories, and I wanted to update it before I got much further into the series.

The first four stories are currently exclusive to Amazon. Book five will be available at all retailers when it releases in December. If you need to catch up on the other stories, they’ll be widely available again in January. You can read the stories out of order, but you better understand the Shrew dynamics if you follow the chronology.

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