Coming soon: more Norseton Wolves (and other “Reckless” romances!)


I might have teased a little bit on Twitter some time ago that I had more Norseton Wolves novellas coming.

I do: three. One in May and two in June. Hold on. Here’s proof of one:
Elder Norseton Wolves cover
Now you’re probably like, “Wait. Who’s that? Is that Leticia and Jim?”

No, Leticia is still jailbait. That, my friends, is Esther and Nixon.

(And now you’re probably scratching your head in a “Say what?” fashion.)

I haven’t written a summary for this one yet, but suffice it to say that our alpha-in-waiting Anton left a sister behind in New Jersey. I don’t want to say too much about Elder yet. The story is a little darker than the first five stories and it addresses some issues I didn’t want to tackle in those. Had to get that stuff out of the way before moving the series forward.

Elder will be available on May 9th. I won’t be putting that one up for preorder until the very last minute, so watch for news here or wait for the announcement in my newsletter.

At this point, you’re also wondering what’s up with the secondary RECKLESS DESIRES title on the cover.

I’ll just leave this here:
Reckless Romance covers


Reckless Desires is the first wave of the Reckless Romance collection. We made it for you. Isn’t it pretty?

Joint projects are a lot of fun, and I do them whenever I think I can contribute something fresh and interesting. I have a book in the multi-author Emerald Springs Legacy continuity, and also contribute to the Den of Sin series. Unlike with those projects, though, the romances in the Reckless Romance collection aren’t set in the same world. They simply share a theme. Call it, oh, a mixed box of shapeshifter chocolates.

Reckless Desires collection

Every story in the collection stands alone–we don’t share worlds or characters.

The biggest difference between my Reckless Desires/Norseton novellas and my other Norseton Wolves stories is that they’re a little longer. That wasn’t intentional, but I think you’ll appreciate the extra time the characters have to find their bearings.

So, you have a little while to wait for more of my bodyguard werewolves, but if you need a wolf fix today, Anna Lowe’s Damnation is out now and available in Kindle Unlimited!

Look for a new Reckless story twice/week through the end of June.

Keep checking for news!