Holley’s Holiday Romance Roundup

We’re about to close the cover on 2016, and so I thought this would be a great time to do a roundup of all my currently available holiday romances. Take a peek! There might be a novella or two that you’ve missed.


Unwrapping Mr. Roth

Unwrapping Mr. Roth by Holley Trent A super-snarky, super-sexy Christmas romance with a Santa unlike any you’ve ever seen.

Also available in audiobook format.

An Angel Fallen

An Angel Fallen Sons of Gulielmus holiday paranromal romance A Sons of Gulielmus series novella featuring a nerdy fallen angel and a somewhat feral werewolf.

You can get it for less than a US dollar everywhere.


Maker Norseton Wolves cover A tender Christmas and New Year’s novella featuring a beta wolf and his very understanding mate.

Can be read out of the Norseton Wolves series order.


Angel BWWM werewolf romance Norseton Wolves A Christmas novella featuring a single dad alpha and Norseton’s sweetest werewolf.

Best read after the Reckless Desires Norseton Wolves novellas, but stands alone well.


Ménage à Troys

Menage a Troys by Holley Trent A MMF erotic romance novella set at the Den of Sin during New Year’s Eve.

Each story in the Den of Sin collection stands alone.

Three Strikes

Three Strikes BWWM erotic romance by Holley Trent A BDSM erotic romance novella set at the Den of Sin around Christmastime.

Ebook file also contains the short story Two Strikes.


Winterball by Holley Trent An M/M erotic romance novella featuring a baseball pitcher and catcher duo.

This Reedsville Roosters novella is spun off from the Den of Sin series.

Gift from Carolina

Gift from Carolina contemporary IR romance bwwm Holley Trent A short Storafalt novella featuring a lonely cowboy and a the town’s new schoolteacher.

Each story in the Storafalt series can be read as a stand-alone.

If you’re looking for some more holiday paranormal romances (or just some leads on new-to-you authors), check out Lynn Tyler’s Holiday Reading list!