Demons Undone is back FOR A LIMITED TIME!

Don’t wait with this one!

Demons Undone paranormal romance bundleBecause of a publisher transition glitch (Crimson Romance’s book upload stream tranfering to S&S’s), the bundle containing my Sons of Gulielmus stories A Demon in Waiting, A Demoness Matched, A Demon in Love, A Demon Bewitched, and An Angel Fallen is available for sale again right now. It hasn’t been available since mid last year sometime.

It will vanish back into the digital expanse VERY soon. It’s already disappeared from most vendors.

If you’ve read the Desert Guards series and started new Masters of Maria, and wanted to go back to read the earliest stories set in that story universe, this is your chance to get them cheap. The bundle is a dollar, and if you’re one of those detail-oriented readers who needs to know ALL the background on possibly-important secondary characters…


All I’ll say is that you’ll want to know some things about Gulielmus before you read the next Masters of Maria story.

You can get Demons Undone at one of these places:

·Barnes and Noble