The Coyote's Chance by Holley Trent
The newest installment of the Masters of Maria series is out now, and I’m so excited you’ll get to learn more about Blue and Willa.

Willa, like Tito in The Demigod’s Legacy, was a character that occupied a special place in my heart. She’s so sensitive and anxious and naive, and…enduring, even though life hasn’t been easy for her. Blue’s no slouch, either. He’s the oldest [mortal] hero in the series, is smart as a whip, and has a low bullshit tolerance. He’s exactly what Maria’s disorganized Coyote pack needs.

Links are below for you to buy The Coyote’s Chance in ebook format. Before you grab it, make a note to come back and read the website-exclusive epilogue. It’s set three months after the story and follows up on a couple of little issues (well, big issues to Willa) I wouldn’t have an opportunity to address in a future book in the series.

***Also, because I suspect folks will ask, you can click here to find out if certain characters from The Coyote’s Chance will have stories at some point.***

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