Release Updates!

I’ve been careful not to announce firm release dates for certain frontlist books, but now that these are almost through the production process, I’m confident about where they’ll land.

The next Afótama book, A Legacy Divided

A Legacy Divided coverWill OFFICIALLY launch on October 19th, as announced.

That novel is currently listed for preorder on Amazon, but it will not be available for preorder at other vendors.


Because as soon as I’m done with formatting, I’m launching the ebook at Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, Google Play, and Kobo.

That may be THIS SATURDAY. (Watch this space and my newsletter for news.)

October 19th will remain the launch date for Amazon.

(I’m doing this so my non-Kindle readers have time grab the book before the series cycles back into the Kindle Unlimited program.)

The next Jekh Saga book, Match

Will launch very soon.
Match Jekh Saga
It might even release BEFORE A Legacy Divided. Things look promising for that, but I’m allowing myself some grace. As you might know, I meant to get this book out during the summer, but I had to keep pushing it back so it wouldn’t launch at the same time as other books on my schedule.

I’m not so worried about that now. I’d prefer for my books to not compete with each other, but I’ve got to do something about this book bottleneck. I’ve got an embarrassing amount of finished manuscripts on my computer right now, spanning numerous series.

What I can say for sure is that Match will release before I need to start worrying about holiday books.

And speaking of holiday books…

The next Masters of Maria story is a holiday novella.

The Coyote’s Comfort will be out in November. It features coyote shifter Diana Shapely and her ex, Elaine. Here’s a sneak peek of the cover:

I have to confess that this story actually takes place AFTER the next novel in the series, but holiday stories are sort of time sensitive and I didn’t want to hold onto the novella until next year.

It stands alone just fine, but if you’re super duper sensitive about reading books out of order and don’t mind reading Christmas books in January, nab it as soon as it launches (it’ll be 99¢ for a couple of weeks), and read it after The Angel’s Fire comes out.

I hope to have more news about The Angel’s Fire soon. I haven’t sent it to the editor yet simply because I have two other big novels to get out first (see above). My goal, though, is to have that out before the end of the year.

Oh, wait! One more thing.

I announced this on Twitter, but then got distracted and didn’t mention it elsewhere. If you’ve been craving contemporary romance from me, I’ve got a couple slated for next year with Carina. They’re ménages! The first will be out in March.

And that’s all I’ll say about those for now. *shifty side-eye*