These backlist titles will be temporarily unavailable.

Heads up! The following books have reached the end of their contracts and will be pulled from sale in the very near future. They will be re-released, though likely not until early 2019. Read on for details.

My Nora

Stand-alone contemporary romance
cover for My Nora by Holley Trent
This category-length novel will basically get re-covered, proofread, and put back out at a price reflective of its backlist status.

Naturally, I’ll make sure none of the technology or landmarks mentioned in the story have significantly changed since 2012.


Sold As Is

Stand-alone romantic comedy
Sold As Is by Holley Trent
Same deal. Covered, read, and re-priced.

(This book is ridiiiiiiiculous, but hilarious, supposedly.)


A Demoness Matched (in Melt My Heart)

Paranormal romance novelette
Melt My Heart anthology cover
As of right now, this story doesn’t live anywhere on its own. I’ll be reissuing it as a solo title and joining it back up with the Sons of Gulielmus series, but after a bit of revision. That story is super chaste (not saying that’s a bad thing) and it doesn’t fit the series. I’m going to add a couple of missing scenes and expand the storyline a bit.

It’s a Valentine’s Day-themed story, so my goal is to get it back out before February.

(None of my other Sons of Gulielmus stories are affected for now and will remain available for sale as is!)