More Information about Plot Twist!

With the launch of my new contemporary romance miniseries coming next month, I thought I’d compile some more information about it in one central location.

Here’s some things you (might) want to know:

Plot Twist centers around a fictional publishing house called Athena that publishes everything from romance novels to how-to books.

It is NOT modeled after any house I have worked with, though if you see some shady similarities, I absolutely will not be averse to hearing alllllll about them.

book cover with title Writing Her In by Holley Trent over black and white image of sensual womanThe first book, Writing Her In features one of their bestsellers, a reclusive mystery author named Stacia Leonard who stumbles into a one-night-stand with her cover model that leads to…a hell of a lot more.

The second story, Three Part Harmony is about Stacia’s publicist, Raleigh, his rival at Athena, and a lapsed rock star whose ex-band is stirring up a tizzy at Athena’s offices.

Writing Her In is FFM. Three Part Harmony is MMF. The love goes all the way around the triangle.

And because I’m Holley Trent, you can expect that:

Three Part Harmony cover1 – Characters from Book 1 heavily feature in Book 2. After all, Raleigh is Stacia’s best friend. She’s not going to fall off the planet simply because her story is done. No, she’s around.

With opinions.

2 – There are prickly heroines. Stacia, for sure. For surrrrrrre. In Three Part Harmony, Everley does a good job of pretending that she is.

3 – The main characters, with rare exception, are constitutionally messy. They can’t help it.

Important Deets:

Writing Her In will be out in ebook, paperback, and audiobook formats next month.

Reviewers, book blog/vloggers, bookstagrammers, librarians, and other influencers, you can request an ARC from NetGalley now!

Also, you can listen to a sneak peek of the audiobook at Overdrive now, if that’s your format of choice. (Maybe ask your library to order it for your branch while you’re there! The more people I can make blush-giggle, the better.)

Three Part Harmony will be out in August. Stay tuned for a sneak peek of Chapter One, because it features a Raleigh & Stacia interaction that really knits the two books together.