Out now: WRITING HER IN, Plot Twist #1!

I am so excited to announce the e-book and audiobook releases of my newest contemporary romance, Writing Her In!
book cover with title Writing Her In by Holley Trent over black and white image of sensual woman
I remember last summer when this story was out on submission and folks were asking what I’d been up to lately. I couldn’t really describe the story at the time except to say that it touched on relationships rooted in the publishing industry. Part of that was coyness, but mostly, I was venturing into new territory me and didn’t want to say too much if the series didn’t come to fruition. After all, I’d written a story about an author—which can be a hard sell because publishers tend to feel that stories about authors are low-hanging fruit. They’re too easy, right? Authors know how to write about authors.

I knew that, but I needed an author in that character space because the person I was putting opposite to her was a cover model. That was the “taboo” dynamic I needed: an author and the guy whose face is on her books.

But that wasn’t enough. Stacia and a cover model wasn’t enough of a story. There wasn’t enough conflict there for me, so I looked to the real world to see what made sense.

And, well, it made reasonable sense to me that a handsome, charming, 32-year-old guy who more or less has his life together would already be married, and so Adrien is. He’s married to his high school sweetheart and if not for one problem, they have a perfect marriage.

His wife, Dara, isn’t interested in sex.

Or technically, she hasn’t experienced sexual attraction until now—with Stacia. She’s gray-sexual without knowing what that is (though I certainly anticipate that a woman as curious as she is will work that out off-page in time).

In my ménage stories, I almost always have characters intimately involved with both love interests, but for this story, I had to adjust what intimacy meant and looked for each person in the trio, and also how the character relationships developed throughout the story.

It was a challenge: a married couple in which each partner independently pursues the same lover and having that couple not toss aside the bond they’ve fought to keep for so long.

I can promise you a happily-ever-after in this story for all parties, and I think you’ll enjoy seeing the behind-the-scenes goings-on for the employees and associates of Athena Publishing! I had fun building this high-drama story world and can’t wait to tell you what I’ve got up my sleeve next for the Plot Twist series.

The paperback edition of Writing Her In will be available on March 26th.

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