Backlist alert: Sons of Gulielmus, Desert Guards, and Masters of Maria will be temporarily unavailable.

Mortonville to Maria banner
Some time in the next couple of weeks, the following books set in my Mortonville and Maria world will be removed from sale at all retailers:

·A Demon in Waiting
·A Demon in Love
·A Demon Bewitched
·An Angel Fallen
·The Cougar’s Pawn
·The Cougar’s Trade
·The Cougar’s Bargain
·The Cougar’s Wish
·The Demigod’s Legacy
·The Angel’s Fire
·The Wolf’s Joy
·The Coyote’s Chance

Also, any multi-author bundles those stories are currently available in will be removed from sale.

As you know, the Crimson Romance imprint was folded by Simon & Schuster last year. My backlist remained there because at the time, there was no reason to disrupt their availability. However, due to pricing concerns and my desire to better link the series at vendors, I’ve decided to draw back the rights and re-issue the books independently.

Re-issue Plans

Tentatively, my plan is to reissue the Masters of Maria stories first since I have other stories in that series that are already self-published. Fingers crossed, those earlier stories will begin to reappear in June with similar covers to the ones they have now. The Coyote’s Cowboy, The Coyote’s Bride, and The Coyote’s Comfort will remain available without interruption.

The Desert Guards stories will return starting in September, probably with covers that look a little more like my Masters of Maria ones. After all—these stories are set in Maria, too, even if the town isn’t explicit named in them yet.

Lastly, the Sons of Gulielmus stories will return in November and December. They will have a whole new look that better reflects the tone of the series and also ties in with the Desert Guards and Masters of Maria stories.

I know the return order seems backward, but I know the newest stories will need little more than new covers and fresh proofreads. The oldest ones, I really want to take a close look at to eliminate pesky continuity errors that may have been introduced later in the series, and also to just fluff up the writing a bit. My style has changed a lot since the first story in this collection launched!

Which Platforms?

Each story will relaunch in paperback format and with an e-book that will be exclusively available to Kindle users for a period of three months. I understand that this may frustrate some readers, but I do have to try to recoup an investment on re-issuing these as soon as possible and having them in Kindle Unlimited, at least for a bit, will give me the best chance of doing that.

After they’ve found their legs again, I’ll launch them wide and will probably look at producing some in audio. (I know I’m itching to hear what Gulielmus sounds like.)


Cheaper than they are now, but I guess that’s not saying much.

What I can say is that they will be competitively priced for their category and length with special pricing available for all the first-in-series stories.


I don’t know yet. Leaning towards no, but as soon as I have this ball rolling, I’ll fill you in.

And then what, Holley?

Once all these are back out, we can have a conversation about Tarik and Gulielmus.

They have books.

They’re written.

That’s all I’ll say for now.