Oops, I released a book.

And that was actually a couple of weeks ago!

I’m just now getting around to posting here about it because I’ve been wrestling with a cold for a month and I’ve just been up to my eyeballs in back-to-school shenanigans.

cover of Lowdown Dirty by Holley Trent features a man with thick beard with gray streaks standing in front of a beachLet me tell you a little bit about Lowdown Dirty and how it came into being.

Four years ago, when I was finishing up the stories I’d committed to for the Den of Sin shared world series, I was ready to transition to full-length romances in the same vein. I wanted them to be inclusive and smoking hot, but more than anything, that they’d be full of drama that was over-the-top, but still relatable.

That’s how I ended up with a divorcé boat builder ready to grow his family again and an up-and-coming architect who isn’t sure she’ll ever be cut out for settling down.

When Valerie gets baited-and-switched into escorting her friend to a boondocks kink club, her first thought is to get the hell out of there fast, and not just because she doesn’t want the public to know. But Tim Dowd takes an immediate interest to the newcomer, and say what you will about the bossy dom—he’s charming and impossible to ignore.

You can absolutely read this novel as a single-title stand-alone. I wrote it that way!

But just know that you’ll be wondering about certain characters by the end.

You’ll know who.


Lowdown Dirty is currently exclusive to Amazon, but if you usually shop for ebooks elsewhere and can wait, it’ll be wide in a few months.

Here are some links:

Amazon US

Amazon CA

Amazon UK

Amazon AU

Hopefully before Christmas!

Going to work on it as soon as I can! I think this one would make your ears burn.