A new Plot Twist story in time for the holidays!

Cover of Working Title by Holley Trent

If you read the second Plot Twist book, Three Part Harmony, you likely remember a couple of bossy characters. Lisa was Everley Shannon’s longtime best friend, her second brain, and her occasional wingwoman. Joey worked with Everley and Raleigh in the publicity department at Athena Press.

Lisa and Raleigh never officially crossed paths in that book…or at least, I didn’t tell you about it.

In Working Title you’ll learn that not only did they meet behind the scenes, but some things happened. Intense things.

And to complicate matters now, Joey finds himself with a bit of unexpected competition.

Mystery author Stacia in Writing Her In suggested that her editor at Athena was terrified of her. Well, that editor is Finch, and she’s giving Joey a big headache.


Lisa Cartwright thought she’d be spending the holidays getting over her ex Joey Novak. They just can’t seem to properly break up. When his company sends its staff to Lisa’s retreat, she has to play nice, even if that’s the last thing she wants to do.

Joey has marriage on his mind and intends to use their close proximity to remind her of how good they are together. However, an interloping coworker insists on proving him wrong.

His new rival, timid editor Finch Alice, has decided that she’s tired of undeserving men getting all the happy endings. She hopes she can be bold for once in her life and show Lisa that she can have more. But Lisa and Joey’s relationship is a more loving and complicated thing than Finch initially thought.

That doesn’t mean she was wrong. Lisa does deserve more. But it turns out that so do Joey and Finch…and surprisingly, in ways that may involve each other.

Yes, like the previous stories in the series, the trio is polyamorous in the HEA.

Can you read Working Title on its own and out of order? Yep. It’ll just be more fun if you start with the first book.

***Note: this is not a full-length novel like the previous Plot Twist stories. In fact, it was supposed to be a little novella (everyone who knows me will probably pass out laughing here). At just over 40,000 words, it fits RWA’s description of a short novel, but really, it’s a novella…that you probably can’t read in a single sitting? (Yes, that’s a challenge.)***

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