second edition Seeing RedAfter much ado, the third book in my old Lyrical Press contemporary romance series Hearts and Minds is available to purchase widely again!

It’s been fluffed, tickled, and prodded into a more emotionally satisfying story, and you know what? I dig it a lot.

Seeing Red follows the story of a prickly divorcée and single mom named Meg who rushes recklessly into a marriage of convenience. She sick of having her ex-husband drag her name through the mud all over the media, and so she fights back in the only way she thinks she can.

Her new husband, Seth, agrees to be her stand-in spouse because he’s been pining for her from afar for years anyway. He genuinely cares for her.

But of course, this is a romance novel, so naturally Meg isn’t so easy to win. She’s had her heart dragged through hell. It’s hard for her to believe that anyone would want her the way she is…even Seth.

You can get the digital format at one of these retailers:

·Amazon US
·Amazon CA
·Amazon UK
·Amazon AU
·Barnes and Noble
·Google Play
·Apple Books

All of the Hearts and Minds books softly connect. You’ll definitely learn some things about Meg and Seth in the first two stories, but each book definitely stands alone. (Meg and Seth don’t interact much on-page in earlier stories.)

Oh! Some other news while I’m here.

The fourth story in Hearts and Minds, On the Ropes, which features Meg’s brother Stephen is slowly making its way back out as well.

It’ll be exclusively available in serial format on Radish for a bit. After it’s been fully launched there, the full digital format will be widely available.